Welcome to Sangar

icon welcomeSangar Security was formed in 2012 out of a need for a security company that offers a professional,
reliable and cost effective service.

Sangar Security bases its foundation on sound management, strong client partnerships and a
real emphasis on caring for its staff.

About us

icon aboutusSangar Security does not simply supply security personnel to its clients but is directed by hands on approach which ensures that all our clients have direct access to all levels of management.
Our entire management team is available on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, making regular visits to site both announced and unannounced. read more


Our services

icon servicesSangar Security believes in a pro-active approach. A detailed risk survey is completed for each new client that becomes part of the Sangar family. The purpose of this survey is to identify vulnerable areas, the current operating conditions, and to obtain a clear understanding of the client’s contract specifications.
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Our clients

icon clientsWhatever the nature of your business, security principles, remain the same. Clients must know that their security company has integrity and that the security on the ground is professional, organised, dedicated, honest and correctly trained. read more